Market Data When You Need It

Research and monitor markets confidently. Access quotes, research, news and portfolios from anywhere and from any device.

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Level 2

Streaming order book data for up-to-date information on market activity and Bid/Ask offers including a Level 2 Pressure Bar as a general indicator of the market trend.

Time & Sales

The Time & Sales Module offers users multiple views including Trades, Trades & Quotes, and Trades & VWAP.


Powerful market screeners supporting comprehensive filters with hundreds of screening criteria available, including share performance, average share volume and more...

Portfolio & Watchlists

Provides configurable layouts, sorting, and swift access to symbol-specific data and research.

Equity Research

Easy access to in-depth company research information featuring detailed quotes, charts, fundamentals, news, history, market depth, time and sales, insiders, financials and more...

Fund Research

Support for 100,000+ share classes. Fields such as Fund Returns, NAVs, Holdings, Risk Stats, Benchmarks, Documents, Events, and Historical Data for comprehensive financial analysis.

Active Sheets

Stream real-time and historical market data into Excel. Analyze and perform research.

Why Quotestream?

Research and track the markets confidently with Quotestream’s multi-asset portfolio management and research platform. Monitor the markets with real-time quotes, charts, news, and in-depth equity and fund research.

Streaming Real-Time Portfolio Management

Quotestream features tick-by-tick lightning fast market data, research information, and extensive customization with unmatched depth of content, functionality and ease of use. Quotestream provides all the information you need to plan and execute the best investment strategies.

Unmatched Value

Quotestream is quite simply the most cost effective solution of its kind. Quotestream offers world class access to market data, analytics, research information and more, all in a totally portable desktop and mobile system - and at the absolute lowest price.

Access from Any Device

Quotestream Desktop, Mobile, and Web are synchronized to provide total portability, allowing access to portfolio management and market information from the office, at home, or on the road.

Equity and Fund Research

Quotestream offers a user-friendly experience with easy to use customization interfaces giving you the ability to create the best workspaces and layouts for your day to day investment activities.

Quotestream Desktop

Quotestream is a reliable, user-friendly market data and technical analysis solution that features total flexibility, broad market coverage, low-latency tick-by-tick data, customizable screens, advanced charting, news, and research data.

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Quotestream Mobile

Features the same access to data and portfolio management on your mobile device. The Desktop and Mobile applications work in a co-companion relationship, where any changes made on one device immediately transfer to the other.

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Web Application for the Active Investor

Stay updated on news and events affecting global markets and individual securities. Perfectly synchronized with Quotestream Desktop and Quotestream Mobile, providing seamless access to your investments from any device.

A laptop and computer monitor showing market stats and live charts