Quotestream Mobile Fully Synchronized Native Co-Companion App

Available natively for Android and iOS devices (iPhone and iPad).

A laptop, tablet, and mobile device displaying Quotestream's responsive application

Quotestream Mobile

Mobile access to your portfolios, watchlists, market data entitlements and more. The Quotestream suite of products seamlessly update and provide you with access to your portfolio at any time and in any place.

Track your investments at the office, at home, or on the road

Quotestream's modern suite of platforms provides users with total reliability and complete flexibility to monitor markets. Each product includes ultra low-latency tick-by-tick data, customizable screeners, advanced charting, comprehensive technical analysis, news, research and investment tools.

A laptop, tablet, and mobile device displaying Quotestream's responsive application

Features & Capabilities

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1. Charts

Check the daily trend of any particular investment with a click. If you are looking for long term trends, use our 5 day chart, or up to 3 years, with Candlestick, Line, Mountain, or OHLC charts.

2. Level 2 / Market Depth
3. Time & Sales
4. Detailed Quotes
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"Delivering Forward Thinking Tools and Features"

BMO InvestorLine is focused on delivering forward thinking tools and features to empower investors to make more informed decisions. We have active and high-frequency traders seeking advanced trading platform capabilities and QuoteMedia has the technology and platform ideally suited to meet these needs. We are very happy to be partnering with QuoteMedia to bring these capabilities to our investors.

David McGann, Product Strategy Director

BMO InvestorLine

"QuoteMedia’s Leading Edge Offerings Are a Perfect Fit with Our Goals"

Stirlingshire is dedicated to innovation, and QuoteMedia's leading edge offerings are a perfect fit with our goals. Our clientele quite justifiably expects best-in-class products and services from us, and the platform is receiving rave reviews. QuoteMedia's applications and delivery technologies provide up-to-the-second market data and research information, and ensure our correspondent brokers and their customers are able to identify and capitalize on great investment opportunities.

Steven Woods, Founder & CEO


"Delivering Forward Thinking Tools and Features"

Partnering with QuoteMedia enabled TMX to provide our diverse set of capital markets information directly to the end user, which completes the final mile in the market data delivery chain. Our decision to select QuoteMedia was based on their ability to provide a broad range and depth of information in a fully hosted managed solution. QuoteMedia worked hard alongside our web and data quality experts to meet our objectives and the exchange-level standards we set for this project, which involved a high degree of custom development work.

Eric Sinclair, President

TMX Datalinx

"With QuoteMedia's Superior Technologies in Place, Our Clients Are Better Able to Provide the Timely, In-Depth Market Information"

By incorporating QuoteMedia's portfolio management solutions into our existing offerings, we are able to create a more robust and dynamic offering while expanding the depth of market data content made available to our clients and their customers. With QuoteMedia's superior technologies in place, our clients are better able to provide the timely, in-depth market information their customers require.

Broadridge Financial Solutions